Hello again, so I will continue my previous article about Data Warehousing in AWS. So lets begin 😊

Before you design your database and load data into Redshift, you must first identify where the data will come from. There are many steps before you load the data into Redshift.

Data comes in different formats. Some data is structured, but some data is also unstructured. Amazon provide you with many type of service to load your data.

Hello this is my first medium article, this article purpose is a notebook from my Data Warehousing in AWS course. So let’s begin 😊.

Before I’m going to data warehousing, the first thing we need to know is basic about databases. In databases there are 2 types of database which is OLTP and OLAP.

Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) is mostly a relational databases, collect and manages transactional and operational data. OLTP example is Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is mostly a relational databases, perform complex analytical queries, and the data is imported from transactional or systems.

Here is…

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